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Who Are We?

Asklepian is a student-led organisation which aims to foster the all-rounded development of future medical professionals.

The path to medical school and a medical career is unusually rigid, but rightfully so. From their subject choices in high school to their university degree choices, aspiring medical professionals are forced to make significant decisions without much knowledge of their desired fields. Even after they proudly take on their identities as medical students at the white coat ceremony a year later, they’re still faced with the difficult challenge of navigating through the various roles of medical professionals and ultimately choosing what to specialise in.

In light of these multiple challenges, Asklepian endeavours to provide you all with a holistic and in-depth view of the medical profession. Through organising interviews and talks with existing physicians and professors, we believe that their side of the story can provide you with a humanized outlook on the realistic twist and turns in the medical sector, and we hope that their invaluable wisdom and unique experiences will spark flames of passion in the next generation of doctors as well. We hope that these opportunities will be one of the most important lights guiding you to your destination on the globe of possible medical careers.

The interdependence between public health systems worldwide has grown exponentially in recent years, and with the continued rise of international cooperation, it will grow even more. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has served as a reminder that cooperation is essential at every level of medicine, from inter-governmental agencies aiding developing countries to doctors sharing their experience globally. Asklepian believes that building networks amongst the global medical community at a young age will substantially benefit the new generation of medics, equipping them for global engagement and challenges in the future. Thus, we will provide opportunities for interaction between you and medical professionals all over the world.

We live in the age of the biomedical revolution, where new-generation sequencing and the knowledge of pathways allow us to create effective and personalised medicine for everybody on Earth. The simultaneous rise of artificial intelligence has also gifted us with the magical powers needed to decipher the mosaic of data laid down by Mother Nature. As the medical field progresses at the speed of light with the help of these technological advancements, we, as young medics-to-be, have to progress with it and refine the knowledge we have gained from school and textbooks with new insights and perspectives that the new age brings. Hence, Asklepian aims to connect aspiring students with entrepreneurs and researchers at the forefront of novel biomedical technology, exposing your brilliant and curious minds to the rapidly advancing fields that will constitute the future of medicine. With our seminars, documentaries and articles, we hope that our website will constitute a polished snapshot of future medicine for you to pursue in your free time, enrich your medical intuition, and let your imagination loose.

Gone are the days when the availability of knowledge was the limiting factor in education and when gender and racial biases still persisted in the medical field. We live in a world where we can easily harness the power of the Internet at our fingertips. As facts, skills and knowledge have become more easily accessible, keen self-learners can reap bountiful insights if they are able to get their hands on ample resources. Asklepian believes that a key skill of self-learning in science is the ability to comprehend and digest papers. Thereby, to facilitate your self-learning, we will publish articles on selected novel discoveries in medicine and the life sciences. Asklepian hopes that our selections can not only help you acquire the ability to process scientific literature, but also develop your inquisitiveness regarding the world around us and the way life works -- an intrinsic attribute that characterises an outstanding researcher.

To conclude, Asklepian strives to accomplish our 4 main goals - to present authentic and clear information on career paths; to connect aspiring medics with international peers and professors; to provide insight from medical leaders and pioneers about the future of medicine; and to distil the frontiers of medical research into digestible information.

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